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If your answer is yes to the any of these questions, you might be suffering from arthritis-a degenerative joint disease, and you may be a candidate for a joint replacement procedure. Arthritis is caused by eventual loss of cartilage lining the joints. Arthritis may cause pain, swelling, stiffness, tenderness, and deformity of the joint and limit your range of motion. Arthritis may be treated by a total joint replacement where the damaged cartilage is removed and a new artificial implant or prosthesis is placed. Consult your physician for your best options.


1. Do you have pain in your knees, hip or groin?  Yes No
2. Is the pain restricting your daily activities?  Yes No
3. Is the pain not relieved on taking medications?  Yes No
4. Do you have swollen knee?  Yes No
5. Do you limp while walking?  Yes No
6. Does pain makes you stop when you walk more than a few blocks?  Yes No
7. Are you having pain when lying or sitting down?  Yes No
8. Are you getting pain for about 3 to 4 days per week?  Yes No
9. Do your knees hurt when climbing or descending stairs?  Yes No
10. Do you feel pain when walking for long time?  Yes No
11. Does pain disturbs your sleep?  Yes No
12. Do you find difficult to put your socks and shoes?  Yes No
13. Do you have a sensation of instability or the knee is going to give out
      when you are physically active?
 Yes No
14. Do you need crutches, cranes or walkers to help you while walking?  Yes No
15. Do you have tightness or limited range of hip motion?  Yes No
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